Update 2.0 Out Today!

November 15, 2017

As the Puzzle Fighter team continues working towards our upcoming worldwide launch we’re pleased to announce the game's latest update is going live today! The 2.0 Update includes improvements across several areas of the game.

Our thanks to our community of players who have helped give feedback on the game so far. Keep the feedback coming on our forums, Facebook and Twitter!



·         Guest Account Support

o   Login with Google Play (Android), Game Center (iOS) or use a guest account

o   This will prevent players without a Google Play or Game Center account seeing a “Social Login Failed” message

·         News Section

o   All the Puzzle Fighter news that’s fit to print at the touch of your fingers!

o   An all new way to stay up-to-date on the game

·         Color Blind Mode

o   This option is toggled On/Off through the Settings Menu

o   Called Colour Blind Mode here in Canada

·         Leaderboards for Google Play and Game Center

o   Track your progress against other players

o   Battle for top spot and bragging rights

·         Notification Improvements

o   Receive notifications both online and offline

·         League-specific Content

o   Unlock the ability to get characters and skills based on your league ranking

·         Jill Valentine

o   Coming Soon!



·         Gameplay

o   Reduced Gem delay in matches

·         Matchmaking

o   Reduced the length of time to find a match

Gameplay Updates

·         Expanded Affinity functionality

o   Players can now apply different colored fighters to their team to trigger an Affinity Skill of that color

o   The same color affinity teams are still very strong, but the new system provides a different strategy for a multicolored team – opening players up to more choices

·         Stun effects will now trigger on the player’s subsequent turn

o   This prevents the effect from breaking a Power Gem mid-drop



·         Reduced base damage of Stun Skills and Supers

·         Increased the damage output of Skills that required 3x3 or larger Power Gems by roughly 15%

·         Increased the amount of Timer Gems generated by a 3x3 or larger Power Gems by roughly 20%

·         Redesigned Affinity effects and output to factor in new functionality.


·         Increased Tatsumaki Senpukyaku base damage from 135 to 150

M. Bison

·         Increased Light Attack DMG from 10 to 20

·         Increased Medium Attack DMG from 30 to 35

E. Honda

·         Super Killer Head Ram Stun duration increased from 2 to 3 turns


·         Decreased Steel Pipe base damage from 50 to 45

·         Decreased Pile Driver base damage from 135 to 120


·         Decreased Electric Spark stun duration from 2 to 1 turn

·         Increased Electric Spark base damage from 45 to 65

·         Decreased Medium Attack DMG from 25 to 20

·         Decreased Heavy Attach DMG from 35 to 30



·         Set maximum number of coins a player can earn from matches to 300 per day




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